“BACK TO THE GARDEN” by Annmarie Soul

The cd is a celebration of the human spirit, our connection to the divine, and the wisdom in our hearts. I have always found nature to be medicine for my soul, a place where i spend hours in stillness listening to the wind, trees, and waters speak. This stillness and deep listening tunes me into the energy which lives in all things, and the interconnectedness of life. I hope this music supports you in feeling the connection to your own inner power and resilience. May we all be courageous enough the heed the hearts call and follow our inner guidance. Album Lyrics

“DEVOTION” by Annmarie Soul

This CD is an offering of the heart. It honors all that is true, all that is growing and transforming. These mantras are sacred healing sounds that penetrate beyond the mind, beyond the intellect and into the heart.
Being profoundly affected by yoga and the magic of India’s abundant musical traditions, Annmarie recorded a demo called Devotion, co-produced in Los Angeles with Jeffrey Andrews.

Released 10 February 2009